Aaron Hagar

Vice President, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Aaron oversees the WEDC’s efforts to support entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment in early-stage companies through the division of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The division operates a number of programs and partnerships that aim to support not only businesses directly, but also the ecosystem and support networks that they need to grow and succeed. Aaron also sits on a number boards and committees including the Wisconsin Technology Council, the Brightstar Wisconsin Foundation, and the Wisconsin Innovation Awards that are working to support entrepreneurship and innovation-based economic development across Wisconsin.

Aaron’s career started in bio-medical research before transitioning to economic development. He has worked on projects ranging from the immune system response to brain tumors to large-scale urban redevelopment. This diverse background provides him with a unique perspective on research, technology, entrepreneurship, and how these factors influence economic and community development. Aaron has a Bachelor of Science degree from UW Madison and a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from The University of Minnesota.