David Robinson

External Affairs Director, Manufacturing Renaissance

David brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to the Manufacturing Renaissance (MR) team. Prior to joining MR in 2016, David teamed with the late Henry L. English as the communications director/senior program officer of the Black United Fund of Illinois. While there, Robinson played a leading role in designing and implementing numerous initiatives including the Safe Passage School Safety program now in use citywide by the Chicago Public School system; the Construction Trades Pre-Apprenticeship Program, which prepared community members for careers in the construction trades; several social entrepreneur business models; and a service and outreach-driven violence abatement program that Chicago Police credited with reducing violent crime in the target area by 33 percent.

David is a proud Morehouse College man with credentials from a DePaul University Egan Urban Center executive management seminar series. He is also a certified conflict resolution specialist and holds a TV studio production certificate from CANTV.